Look at those young guys!--Franklin Park 1969 Tom, Mike R, prize presenter Linda Hein Dryer, Bernie, Larry (retired), John, Jim

Holland Remembers! 50 Years!!! Rock On and Looking Forward!

Time Marches On!!!--Franklin Park 2018--Tom, Mike R, Bernie, Mike J, John, Jim


John Arendshorst (6, 12 string guitars)
Tom Jones (drums)   
Jim Lievense (bass)
Mike Reid (6, 12 string guitars, keyboards)
Bernie Rosendahl (vocals)
Larry Lewis (keyboards--retired)
Mike Julien (guitar)
Franklin Park was formed in 1968 as a sort of all star band from the Holland High School Class of 1969.  Franklin Park won the local Battle of the Bands in 1969 and performed in the state competition. Its last performance was at Macatawa Bay Yacht Club in the Summer of '69, whereafter the band went on to college and to life.
Except for a rehearsal reunion circa 1970 (see pic on "Music-Set List" page), Franklin Park did not play again until 5 of its six original members reunited to play at the HHS'69 class reunion in 2010.  Well-received then, the band reunited for performances in 2011 and 2014 (when HHS69 classmate Mike J joined) and 2016-2019 and 2021-2023. (All 2020 shows cancelled--you know why!)